Custom Drawer and Shelf Liners - Custom Acrylic Drawer Organizers
Custom Organizer, Drawer and Shelf Liners

Kick it up a notch - add color, richness and texture

Custom-cut Fabric Liners

Elite Selection

Our elite selection of fabrics adds a richness and texture to any organizer, drawer or shelf. Our fabrics can be added to your customer-designed organizer or you may order a solid piece of styrene-backed fabric in a custom size up to 39 x 24 to line a shelf or drawer. The liners are custom-cut for a perfect fit every time!  

Rich and Luxurious

Select Metro Linen to add an earthy texture. Choose Milano Velvet for a rich, luxurious look. Add Zodiac when a metallic-like finish is preferred. And for a limited time, select Dapper Cloud for a neutral fabric with a grass-cloth look.  

Pamper and Protect

Don’t stop decorating at paint and furniture – make your drawers and shelves as complementary to your décor as your favorite throw pillow! And why just sort your things when you can pamper and protect them?!  

Our Fabric Liners Make Organizing Even Better

Add a Custom Cut Liner to an Organizer or a Stand Alone Shelf/Drawer Liner