Design Tool Help - Custom Acrylic Drawer Organizers

Design Tool Help

  • How to create dividers and compartments:
  1. Each blank organizer canvas includes four walls and a bottom to begin with.
  2. Use the ADD HORIZONTAL, ADD VERTICAL buttons to create divider walls.  
  3. Click a line to select it for modification (turns green).  Click again or on open space to de-select the line (turns grey).
  4. Click and drag the center point or line to move and place them.
  5. Click and drag the end points to adjust divider line length.
  6. Use the DELETE LINE button to remove a line.
  7. Use DITRIBUTE LINES to spread vertical or horizontal lines evenly across the organizer width or depth evenly.
  8. Use MEASURE TOOL to use a re-sizable rectangle to measure your compartment dimensions.
  • How to measure so my organizer fits properly:
  1. Using a flexible measuring tape, measure the drawer opening in various places, to the nearest 1/8" (along the top & bottom, left, middle, & right, and the front, center & back).
  2. Reduce your DEPTH and WIDTH measurements by ⅛"  to ¼" to allow room for proper clearance and to avoid any screws or obstructions.
  3. If you have larger obstructions in the drawer, you may need to reduce your measurements more.
  4. Measure the drawer wall HEIGHT and determine how much smaller your organizer height should be, we recommend ½ to ¾ the drawer height (typically 2").
  5. Use these measurement calculations as your ORGANIZER DIMENSIONS in the design tool.  Remember, the organizer MUST be smaller than your drawer and the drawer opening.
  • How to create an empty organizer to start my design:
  1. Log In
  3. Enter your organizer PROJECT TITLE
  4. Enter your organizer dimensions (see above)
  5. Create your organizer compartments (see above)
  6. PREVIEW your drawer
  7. SAVE your drawer design
  9. If it's great, SHARE IT in our product GALLERY
  • Design considerations that impact the price:
  1. Product pricing is adjusted by the amount of acrylic required to build your organizer and the complexity of your design.
  2. Organizer dimensions (D, W, H)
  3. Quantity of divider walls and their dimension
  4. Lengths of each joint
  5. Square inches of acrylic required
  6. Organizers with less complex designs, shorter dividers, shorter walls, and smaller outer dimensions cost less.
  • How to use templates:
  1. Log In
  3. Enter your organizer PROJECT TITLE
  4. Enter your organizer dimensions (see above)
  5. Select LOAD TEMPLATE to display template drop-down panel
  6. Scroll left-right to view templates and hover over template image to show template name
  7. Click LOAD on template image to import the template layout into your design canvas
  8. Clicking HIDE TEMPLATES closes the template drop-down panel.
  9. Make any adjustments as necessary
  10. PREVIEW your drawer
  11. SAVE your drawer design
  13. IF it's great, SHARE IT in our product GALLERY
  • How to save and retrieve my designs:
  1. First create and PREVIEW your drawer organizer
  2. Enter an organizer PROJECT TITLE
  3. Click the SAVE DESIGN button to save it to your account.
  4. To retrieve a saved design click MY DESIGNS to display designs drop-down panel
  5. Scroll left-right to view your designs and hover over design image to show design name
  6. Click LOAD on design image to import the design into a new design canvas
  7. Clicking HIDE DESIGNS closes the design drop-down panel.
  • How to share my designs in the gallery:

If after purchasing and using your organizer, you are excited to share your creative genius, do the following:

  1. Take a color photo of your drawer organizer in use.
  2. LOG IN
  3. Select MY ACCOUNT
  4. Locate your organizer design in the VIEW tab, MY DRAWERS area, and click SHARE link on the right, just under EDIT and COPY, and left of ADD TO CART button.
  5. Enter a Product Title
  6. Enter a product description (discuss your organizer's purpose, compartments that hold unique items, other uses for the design, etc.)
  7. Select CHOOSE FILE and locate your image from your computer directory, and then select UPLOAD.
  8. Select the appropriate CATEGORIES (more than one is allowed)
  9. Click SUBMIT to send your nomination to our staff for review
  10. If your design is approved, it will show up in the product GALLERY for others to view and import
  11. Occe your design is placed in the GALLERY, it is locked from modifications; however, a COPY can be made.
  • Size limitations:
  1. Depth and Width cannot be smaller than 2"
  2. Depth and Width cannot be larger than D24" x W39" or D39" x W24"
  3. Height cannot be smaller than 1"
  4. Height cannot be larger than 6"
  5. To allow for proper gluing:
    1"-3.875" tall walls/intersection points must be 1" or farther apart
    4"-4.875" tall walls/intersection points must be 2" or farther apart
    5"-6" tall walls/intersection points must be 3" or farther apart
  • Error Ellipses:

The O BLUE error ovals/ellipses on the tool indicate that the wall placement is invalid. One of the below issues has occured:

  1. Two parallel walls are too close to each other.
  2. Two perpendicular walls are too close to each other.
  3. The ends of two parallel walls on the same line are are too close to each other.

The O RED error ovals/ellipses on the tool indicate that the wall placement is invalid. One of the following needs corrected:

  1. A wall does not intersect with at least one other wall in the opposite orientation.
  2. Two walls with the same orientation are too close, touching or overlapping.
  3. A wall has an overhang that is too short beyond an intersection. 
  • Add a liner:
  1. While you are designing your organizer, there is a selection panel on the right side of the view that allows you to select a liner style and add it to your design.
  2. The fabric texture and color is then simulated onto the bottom of your organizer in the design view for you to preview.
  3. When you add your organizer to your cart, a mating liner will also be added if you selected a liner.
  4. You can also purchase a liner for a previoulsy ordered organizer by going to MY ACCOUNT and selecting the ORDRERED ORGANIZERS tab, then click ORDER LINER and choose your style and ADD TO CART.