Fabric Drawer/Shelf Liner - Custom Acrylic Drawer Organizers

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Custom Drawer Divider Liner - Charcoal Cross Linked PE Foam 1/8"
  • Custom Drawer Divider Liner - Charcoal Cross Linked PE Foam 1/8"
  • Custom Drawer Insert Liner - Charcoal Cross Linked PE Foam 1/8"
Cross-linked polyethylene foam (also known as XLPE) is a closed-cell foam characterized by a compact feel and resistance to water. Makes a perfect cushion for delicate tools and instruments. Great in a tool box! 1/8" thick, adhered to styrene backing and taped in organizer.

Fabric Drawer/Shelf Liner

Don’t stop decorating at paint and furniture – make your drawers and shelves as complementary to your d├ęcor as your favorite throw pillow!

Our elite selection of fabrics adds a richness and texture to any organizer, drawer or shelf.   Our fabrics can be added to your customer-designed organizer or you may order a solid piece of styrene-backed fabric in a custom size up to 39 x 23 to line a shelf or drawer.  The liners are custom-cut for a perfect fit every time! 

Select Metro Linen to add an earthy texture.  Choose Milano Velvet for a rich, luxurious look.  Tolstoy and Huxley auto/marine-grade materials are exquisite and durable.  Charcoal foam for an economical industrial look. 

You are not just sorting your things, you are pampering and protecting them!

Attn: Limited quantities of Metro Linen Taupe are available.  This selection is being discontinued by our supplier. 

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Optional name to give liner. Ex: Bathroom Drawer 1