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Instructional Overview

Start here for an introduction on how to design your custom drawer organizers from start to finish. Learn how to measure your drawer, design your organizer, and build your custom organizer with our design tool.

Entering in Your Dimensions

Learn how to modify your organizer dimensions in the design tool.

Creating Compartments and Dividers

Learn how to draw your compartments and dividers in the design tool. Utilize the draw horizontal and vertical line tool to create dividers and compartments.

Design Errors and Limitations

The maximum width and depth dimensions available for our custom drawer organizers is 24” x 39” or 39” x 24” and a maximum height of 6”. Learn more of the design limitations to consider when designing your drawer organizer.

Zoom Features

Use the zoom in, out and fit to page buttons on the design tool to change your view.

New Design vs Clear All

Learn the difference between Clear All and New Design when using the design tool.

Distributing Lines To Create Rows & Columns

Use the Distribute Lines tool to spread lines evenly across your design.

Fit Vs. Crop

Anytime you resize your drawer, the design tool needs to know how to modify your current design. Learn the difference between Fit and Crop to ensure you are modifying your design properly.

Using the Measure Tool

The Measure Tool is helpful for determining the width and depth measurements of compartments within your design.

Using Templates

Templates are predefined layouts to help you get your design started quickly. Modify an existing template to meet your design needs and required dimensions.

Order a Liner For a Previously Purchased Organizer

Log in to your account to view past organizer purchases and click the “Order A Liner” button to choose the organizer you would like to order a liner for.

Your Designs

Learn how to save and retrieve your custom drawer organizer designs.

Add A Liner in the Design Tool

Learn how to add a liner to your custom drawer organizer design.

How to Order Custom Fabric Drawer & Shelf Liners

Learn how to enter in your dimensions and choose a liner fabric for custom stand alone liners.

DIY Fabric on White Plastic liner option

Learn how to use your own fabric on our pre-cut "white plastic" liner backing option.

CTA - Premium Design Services

We Also Offer Premium Design Services!

Let us help you design your custom organizers to fit your needs.

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CTA - Design With Piece of Mind

Design With Peace of Mind.

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