FAQ - Custom Acrylic Drawer Organizers

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We are open Monday through Thursday, 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM Mountain Time.  We are CLOSED FRI-SUN.

We observe the following Holidays:  New Year’s Day, Memorial Day,  Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and after, Veterans Day, Christmas Day & day after.


Is it easy?  

We sure think so!  We've worked diligently to design an intuitive design tool that is easier than most art programs.  We're always looking for ways to improve our site, so please Contact us with your ideas or to report software bugs.

How much time does it take to design a drawer organizer?

You can design an organizer in under five minutes if you have your inside drawer dimensions and your ideas at the ready. 

Five easy steps:

  1. Enter the desired organizer dimensions and select "Apply"
  2. Add, Move, and Edit your compartment divider walls (horizontal/vertical lines)
  3. Preview your design
  4. Give your project a title and save it
  5.  Select "Add To Cart" to add it to your cart and checkout

How do I measure my drawer so the organizer fits correctly?

This is the most critical step in designing your organizer and it's very important to us that your design actually fits into your drawer.

The two most common mistakes folks make are:

  1.  Entering the actual interior drawer dimensions and not leaving any clearance for the organizer to fit.  
  2. Not taking drawer knob and handle screw heads into consideration when determining the organizer depth.  Screwheads typically require 1/4" clearance.

We recommend reducing the organizer dimensions by 1/8" to 1/4" from the actual drawer depth and width measurements, based on your confidence of your measurements.  If your drawer has any exposed knob/handle screw heads, we recommend reducing the organizer depth an additional 1/8" - 1/4".  Use these new, smaller values in your design tool measurement fields.  It's better to have a little wiggle room in your drawer than your organizer not fitting correctly.  

Size limitations:

  • Depth and Width cannot be smaller than 2"
  • Depth and Width cannot be larger than D24" x W39" or D39" x W24"
  • Height cannot be smaller than 1"
  • Height cannot be larger than 6"
  • To allow for proper gluing:
    • 1"-3.875" tall walls/intersection points must be 1" or farther apart
    • 4"-4.875" tall walls/intersection points must be 2" or farther apart
    • 5"-6" tall walls/intersection points must be 3" or farther apart

What do the  O  BLUE error ovals/ellipses on the tool indicate:

  • The wall placement is invalid. One of the below issues has occured:
  1. Two parallel walls are too close to each other.
  2. Two perpendicular walls are too close to each other.
  3. The ends of two parallel walls on the same line are are too close to each other.

What do the  O  RED error ovals/ellipses on the tool indicate:

  • The wall placement is invalid.  One of the following needs corrected:
  1. A wall does not intersect with at least one other wall in the opposite orientation.
  2. Two walls with the same orientation are too close, touching or overlapping.
  3. A wall has an overhang that is too short beyond an intersection. 

Why won't my divider lines drop exactly where I place them?

The design tool uses a 'snap-to' action that only allows the lines to be placed on 1/8" grid increments.  Distribute lines evenly also will snap the lines to the nearest 1/8" increment, rounding up or down as necessary.