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It’s Official: Anyone Can Use

It’s Official: Anyone Can Use

by Nishanth Mar 18 2024

"We may have the best product, the highest quality, the most useful software, et cetera, but if we present them in a slipshod manner, they will be perceived as slipshod; if we present them in a creative, professional manner, we will impute the desired qualities."

Back in 1977, Apple’s second CEO sent out a companywide memo detailing the values which still set one of the most successful companies of our time apart from the rest.

He made an important point. Design can make or break a customer’s experience with a product. Today, we refer to the type of design he set forth in that memo as “user-friendly.”

At, the success and popularity of our products relies heavily on our customers’ ability to contribute. In order for us to create a perfectly fitted, custom drawer, you have to first provide us with exact measurements and a desired layout. That’s the key.

So, to make sure our process of customization runs as smoothly as possible, and in keeping with Apple’s wisdom, we rely on an online design tool that we worked on for nearly two years to create. In fact, we’re very proud that anyone who visits can immediately find and understand our comprehensive and user-friendly online design tool. 

Organized Drawer

Steve Jobs and his team at Apple were onto something when they introduced the idea of simplistic, user-friendly design that even a rookie can wrap his head around. The same goes for Just as our laser cutting technology is the most precise of its kind, our online drawer builder tool is the simplest to use.

·         Our layout is easy to scan. According to Website Magazine, the average internet user skims through content rather than reading everything. Not only is our design tool self-explanatory – measure, add, delete dividers – it is highly visual. One glimpse of our measurement grid and you know exactly what to do.

·         Our font is easy to read. Elaborate text styles may be popular and flashy, but at we like to keep everything simple and organized. That’s why we keep our instructions to a minimum, making the most of just a few, easy-to-read buttons.

·         Your designs are easy to find. When you visit our online design tool, you’ll immediately notice three headings at the top: load template, my designs, and save design. These options allow you to walk away from your design without any fear of losing your progress. Plus, if you don’t feel up to designing the dividers within your drawer organizer, a user can input their own dimensions and use the layout of a template or the layout of a customer shared design.

The foundational purpose of is to provide our customers with the perfect storage place for everything they need – and that includes providing the easiest-to-use design tool online. Steve Jobs was a stickler for simplicity and we are too. We’ve followed every design rule in the book so anyone can create a custom acrylic organizer that is attractive, lightweight, durable, and fits any space, in any way they like.

Once you visit our website, you’ll see just how easy it is to input the measurements of your organizer. And voila! Within days we’ll ship it to you, delivering you an organizer with a level of precision within an eighth of an inch. 

There’s no more guesswork. "It’s this whole idea of making it simple and easy,” says Andrea Qualkinbush, founder of, “You only have to do it once and you're done.”

What are you waiting for? Visit and start crafting the ultimate solution to your organizational needs today!

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