Liner Information - Custom Acrylic Drawer Organizers

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What are your fabric liners made from? How are they cut?  

Our fabric liners are made from synthetic materials so they can be safely laser cut while reducing any charring or burning. The are non-vinyl, non-chloride synthetic fabrics. Some are woven polyesters, nylons, and others are polyurethanes. They are adhered to a thin polystyrene sheet that acts as a stiffener so the fabric wont roll, shift, or wrinkle - they stay flat in your organizer, in your drawer, or on a shelf. We also use Zero-VOC, environmentally friendly, water-based adhesives to bond our fabric onto the stiffener backing. Our organizer liners are hand-placed into each compartment using a thin, removable, adhesive tape that will not damage the acrylic.

Where is your fabric liner material manufactured?

We currently import our synthetic fabrics from China to keep the prices down. The polystyrene backing is provided by a local plastics company.

Custom Drawer Organizer with Fabric Liner  Custom Drawer Organizer with Fabric Liner

How is the fabric liner placed in my custom organizer? 

Each organizer liner is laser cut to fit perfectly inside your organizer compartments.  We use industrial, removable adhesive to adhere each liner piece to the organizer floor (similar performance of 'post-it' notes). This tape holds each piece firmly in place, yet may be carefully removed if necessary without leaving sticky residue.

How do I add a liner to my custom organizer? 

While you are designing your organizer, there is a selection panel on the right side of the view that allows you to select a liner style and add it to your design.  The fabric texture and color is then simulated onto the bottom of your organizer in the design view for you to preview.  When you add your organizer to your cart, a mating liner will also be added if you selected a liner.

Can I buy a liner for a previously purchased custom organizer? 

Yes! If you have purchased an organizer in the past, we have design information that can be translated into a liner design.  To buy a liner for a previously purchased organizer, simply Log In and view your My Account page.  Select the ORDERED ORGANIZERS tab to display all previously purchased organizers.  Click ORDER LINER on the right side of the desired organizer.  Then, select the ADD TO CART link of the liner style of your choice.  Finally, check out normally.