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Say Yes To The Mess?

Say Yes To The Mess?

by Nishanth Mar 18 2024
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There are split opinions when it comes to the controversial messy desk. Those who prefer them might point to a 2013 study published in Psychological Science that found cluttered desks inspire creativity.[1] “Neat freaks” may point out that with this creative inspiration comes a major drawback absolutely detrimental to the workplace: decreased productivity. In 2011, two Princeton neuroscientists published findings in the Journal of Neuroscience concluding the more items you have in your presence, the more each article of stimulation competes for “neural representation” (i.e., your attention).[2] In fact, 77% of participants surveyed by OfficeMax agreed clutter did hurt their productivity.[3]

So, the very same clutter that might spark new ideas can prohibit those ideas from being fully realized. What’s the solution to this mind-bending paradox? It’s simple: allow individuals the freedom to customize their own workstations while keeping communal workspaces clean and tidy for optimal productivity. has the tools to enable businesses of all sizes and specialties to get properly organized, whether it’s an office looking for a face lift, or a new office planning to set an organized culture.

According to the blog Life of an Architect, the culture of a business can be discerned, in part, just by looking at the work environment, and some are definitely more inspired that others.[4] Interestingly, architects and designers are just as split on the question of messiness as any other professional: some of their workspaces are neat as a pin, others skew chaotic. No matter where on the continuum a particular creative professional finds themselves, an improved aesthetic – at least in shared workspaces – is helpful for fostering collaboration.

Organized Desk Drawer is an American manufacturer of custom drawer dividers and organizational solutions that can be tailor-made for any office. We produce laser-cut acrylic drawer dividers that are beautiful, durable, and best of all, cost-effective. Our leading-edge manufacturing technology allows us to fulfill orders in 3-7 business days for a shipshape office in practically no time.

Estimates suggest Americans lose 4.6 hours every week trying to track down lost or misplaced items. While this is bad news for businesses hoping to get the most out of their employees, the good news is workers are 32% more productive when given freedom to arrange their small office as they prefer.[5] With customizable organizational solutions from, employees can keep workspaces tidy while allowing for the individuality each team member requires to stay on their A-game.

To create a productivity enhancing communal workspace, simply follow these easy steps:[6]

1.)   Establish activity zones. Organize the office into distinct activity zones that include the work zone where work is accomplished; the reference zone that houses professional materials such as documents; and the supplies zone that contains office supplies.         

2.)   Decide what is critical and what is clutter. Do you really need all the supplies and materials filling your office, or is some of it dispensable? Have you allocated enough space to each activity zone to keep it from getting too disorderly?

3.)   Place equipment properly.Station your equipment based on frequency of use. Items that are used daily should be within easy reach. Those that are rarely used should be kept out of the work zone. When installing equipment, be mindful of access to drives, trays, and cords.

4.)   Visit With our user-friendly online tool, you can create custom-fit organizers for your space’s various activity zones.

Nellie Akalp, CEO of, an online legal document filing service, says, “When your workspace is clean and uncluttered, you’ll enjoy spending time at your desk and won’t waste time searching through junk or moving piles around.”

It’s time to tackle messy workspaces. With our top-of-the-line drawer dividers, we can help you get better organized and more productive in a flash. Visit us online at to test drive our design tool and discover how easily you can get your office in perfect order. 

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After spending WAY too much

After spending WAY too much time web-surfing for an organizer that'd fit my desired application, I stumbled upon The idea of custom made to order organizers seemed way too good to be true for such a reasonable price, but my organizer just showed up; and it IS true.  I'm completely, totally satisfied with this extraordinary service.  Thank You!   

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