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A Custom Approach To Clutter

A Custom Approach To Clutter

by Nishanth Mar 18 2024
Cluttered Drawer

Clutter--even the word makes you feel itchy and uncomfortable. From tripping over toys and shoes in the hallway to digging through your desk at work, disorganized living is both physically and mentally exhausting.

The National Association of Professional Organizers say that the average person wastes 4.3 hours every week looking for lost documents. Executives lose an average of one hour of productivity every day searching for missing information! This is time that could be spent building a business or enjoying time with the family. I call this: the clutter creep. Minute by minute the clutter slowly saps your time and money.

The traditional answer to clutter creep was mass produced organization tools. Sticky notes, highlighters, binders, and label makers became the gold standard among organized people everywhere. Unfortunately, mass produced products are not made to suit unique individual needs. In response to the glaring demand for custom-designed organizers, the team at OrganizeMyDrawer.com spent two full years developing a comprehensible, user-friendly custom online design tool.

How We Can Help De-Clutter Your Life

Harvard Business School said it best: “Customers do not value merchants who recite monolithic mantras on customer service; they value—and buy—goods and services that meet their particular set of needs.”

Drop-in drawer organizers are impractical for the modern lifestyle. They actually contribute to clutter by joining forces with the rest of the junk. Many of the drawer organizers on the market are ugly, cheap, cumbersome, or simply don’t fit.

Custom fit drawer dividers are optimal for a variety of people. Whether you are a parent trying to organize drawers full of memories, a busy student, or a medical professional, you need a solution that gives you peace of mind.

Business executives can increase their productivity with tailor-made dividers to fit even the most unique desk. Hobbyists and mechanics who need to separate pieces of hardware can stay organized with our affordable and long-lasting products.

At OrganizeMyDrawer.com, we have developed an efficient organizer design and manufacturing solution using accurate software and laser cutting technologies.

●      Measure your drawers in the privacy of your home or office

●     You decide how to compartmentalize your belongings

●     Select a template or design your own with the intuitive online tool

●     Purchase your customized design quickly and easily, without talking to a sales rep or designer

●     Save your design for modification or sharing in the shared design gallery

Your custom design will be laser cut to your design specifications. Acrylic parts are assembled using finger joinery and clear adhesive. The drawer organizer will be packaged and shipped through FedEx, within 1-3 business days.


You design the organizer you need and we will build it... quickly. Each organizer is made from 1/8" crystal clear acrylic and includes a bottom so it can be removed from your drawer with all the items still in it.

Our drawer organization system won the title of “Best New Product” at the Spring Denver Home Show 2016. It offers personal and industrial-application organizing solutions for individuals, educators, medical personnel, and anyone who can’t stand the mess.  Before you waste any more time or money searching for lost things or waiting weeks for expensive, inefficient organizers, do it right the first time. Visit OrganizeMyDrawer.com  to begin designing your ultimate organization solution.       

 OrganizeMyDrawer.com is a veteran and woman owned company located in the Denver Metro area of beautiful Colorado.  



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