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Everyone Loves Our Custom Online Design Tool

Everyone Loves Our Custom Online Design Tool

by Nishanth Mar 18 2024

Remember the days of tract houses and cookie cutter Cadillacs? During the 20th century, as mass production took hold in the minds and philosophies of business managers, those managers began to view their customer as just that: a mass, one single entity who could be satisfied by a single-note product. Fortunately, here in the 21st century, that business model is crumbling.

Today, we know our customers are incredibly unique in their wants and needs, which is reflected in the wonderful array of tools and products they use every day in the workplace. In other words, a dentist is going to have a much different-looking tool drawer than a makeup artist; for that matter, that dentist’s drawer will also differ from every other dentist.

Because nobody buys and relies on the same, one-note products anymore, the need for custom organization tools is growing.

In response to this glaring need for custom-designed organizers, the team at OrganizeMyDrawer.com took two full years to develop the most comprehensive and user-friendly custom design tool on the internet so all of our customers, from hesitant baby boomers to tech-loving millennials, would have no problem designing their drawers online.

Ben Perkins, Head of Consumer Business Research at Deloitte, says at least 36% of consumers are interested in personalized products. But without direct input from the consumer, it’s impossible to deliver the perfect good.

“Businesses are now postponing production until the latest point possible to allow individual customization,” says Perkins. However, the process of providing the materials or information manufacturers require for product customization, such as photos or personal measurements, still daunts the Regular Joe who doesn’t feel confident in his own tech savvy. 

But there is a solution. Using very accurate software and a simple layout, OrganizeMyDrawer.com has developed a fool-proof, online design tool. Here is the process:

·         You measure your drawers and decide how you’d like to arrange their contents.

·         Visit OrganizeMyDrawer.com/design-my-drawer and use the tutorials on the left toolbar to get your start.

·         If you find yourself at a loss for an arrangement idea, use a template or go crazy with our intuitive online tool and start from scratch to create your perfect layout. Everything is customizable!

·         If you designed your own organizer layout from scratch, save your design to share with other customers in our customer design gallery.

·         Finally, check out – it’s as simple as typing in your credit card!

After your drawer is designed and ready to go, we’ll laser cut the acrylic sections of your organizer to the exact specifications you provided, and then assemble and glue everything together using finger joinery and strong, crystal clear adhesives to create a durable product you’ll absolutely love. What’s more, within days we’ll ship you an organizer, so you can start getting organized immediately.  

With the growth of custom production in place of mass production, standard drawer dimensions are becoming a thing of the past. Drop-in drawer organizers simply do not fit well, especially in large or deep drawers. In fact, it’s not uncommon for a pre-made drawer organizer to contribute to the disorganization problem by becoming junk itself.  

Whether you fancy yourself a professional organizer or have no idea how you’d like to put your things in place, our online design tool is there to make the process as easy as possible. And thanks to our just-as-simple manufacturing process, you won’t find such an immediate turnaround on a custom design anywhere else but OrganizeMyDrawer.com.

Today, baby boomers, the hopelessly disorganized, millennials and neat freaks alike are surprising themselves all over the country with the ease at which they’ve put their work environment in order – and all from the comfort of a computer at home!      

Ready to do it right the first time? Visit OrganizeMyDrawer.com to start on your way toward the ultimate solution for your organization needs.

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